Computational Study Reliability of Diesel Engine through Electrical Assembly


  • Sunil Bhardwaj Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University
  • Nitin Bhardwaj Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University
  • Vijay Kumar Amity University Haryana
  • Bhupender Parashar JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida
  • Mohit Kumar Kakkar Chitkara University
  • Jasdev Bhatti Chitkara University


Reliability, diesel locomotive engine, electrical assembly, weibull distribution, minitab19


Consistency of a system is the probability that, under defined operational and environmental conditions, the device can perform a specific function at the end over a specified time [Dinkar et al. 2018]. Reliability must be defined by definitive norm based on many variables, maximum of that may random [Bhardwaj et al. (2018)]. Reliability is arduous to scale, because no such tool is there to do this for specific machine. The reliability of the diverse units of complex machinery depends on their output process, the standard of the composites used in their design, operating conditions, etc. Despite these criteria the reliability of the system is very much related to diverse forms of uncertainty. The numerical assessment of ambiguities is therefore the starting point for a numerical assessment of reliability [Bhardwaj et al. (2019)]. The theory of probability is a concept concerned with the analysis of risk [Li, Y. - F et al. 2006]. Maintenance regulations can address issues pertaining to general maintenance, fix or dump laws, rules on emergency reporting, inventory control, supply of spare parts, etc. Such maintenance policies may be defined in advance and implementation decisions may be taken accordingly. The design process involves unit length assessments, research protocols, degree of automation as well as integrated redundancies, test time, specific test facilities and measures for safety; and so forth [Allan, T.M., 2012]. Performance is an attribute of reliability to reparable systems which accounts for the quality and service property of a component or device. ABC appraisal seeks to distinguish the item from each other and decide the importance of the element and the degree as required by company.


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Bhardwaj, S., Bhardwaj, N., Kumar, V., Parashar, B., Kakkar, M. K., & Bhatti, J. (2021). Computational Study Reliability of Diesel Engine through Electrical Assembly. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 13(6), 156–165. Retrieved from