Safety and Quality Improvement of Street Food Packaging Design Using Quality Function Deployment


  • Effendi Mohamad UTeM
  • Muhammad Faishal
  • Azrul Azwan Abdul Rahman
  • Shabilla Desviane
  • Alfian Ramawan
  • Mohamad Ridzuan Jamli
  • Okka Adiyanto


Quality Function Deployment, Packaging design, Customer Voice, street food


Product packaging show product detail and characteristics and can influence consumer desire. A well-packaged product, when seen or felt, improves product perception and attitude. In Yogyakarta, fried meatballs are popular street food. Customers often complain about packaging post-purchase. Customers have often complained about the packaging and the common concerns are hot to touch and easily damaged packaging. This study proposes to study the effect of consumer perception and attractiveness of the fried meatballs by improving the packaging. The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) technique was used during the designing phase to study consumer behaviour and desire to create attractive product packaging in line with customer expectations. Survey results indicated eight significant characteristics for fried meatball packaging. Those are an attractive design, oil resistance, heat resistance, easy-to-handle packaging, durable material, food-grade packaging, environmental friendliness, and practical carrying ability. The eight attributes were translated to five using QFD methodology and these five attributes are used as reference points for the development of better packaging. These five attributes of packaging design are heat resistance, oil resistance, food-grade material, environmental friendliness, and not easy to tear. SolidWorks software was used to create 3D models. The design process was controlled to achieve the House of Quality (HOQ) target for consumer desire.


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Author Biography

Muhammad Faishal

PhD student




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Mohamad, E. ., Faishal, M. ., Abdul Rahman, A. A. ., Desviane, S., Ramawan, A. ., Jamli, M. R., & Adiyanto, O. . (2021). Safety and Quality Improvement of Street Food Packaging Design Using Quality Function Deployment. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 13(1), 19–28. Retrieved from