Analysis of IG FINFET based N-Bit Barrel Shifter

  • Nehru Kandasamy Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Nagarjuna Telagam GITAM University
  • Praneeth Kumar Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Venu Gopal Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
Keywords: FINFET, Pass Transistor, Transmission Gate, Barrel Shifter


This paper presents a new energy efficient N-bit barrel shifter using IG FinFET in 20 nm technology. The independent gate based FinFET device having more attractive features than standard CMOS technology. The proposed N-bit barrel shifter using independent gate FINFET device reduces the low power consumption over MOSFET and simulation results are performed using H spice software. In this work, it is presented the electrical analysis in terms of signal delay propagation and energy consumption of compacted barrel circuit for shifting operation.


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Kandasamy, N., Telagam, N., Kumar, P., & Gopal, V. (2020). Analysis of IG FINFET based N-Bit Barrel Shifter. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 12(8), 141-148. Retrieved from