Axial and Flexural Load Test on Untreated Bamboocrete Multi-Purpose Panel


  • Norhasliya Mohd Daud Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Norazman Mohamad Nor
  • Mohammed Alias Yusof
  • Muhamad Azani Yahya
  • Vikneswaran Munikanan


Axial and Flexural Load, Bamboocrete, multi-purpose panel.


In this study, the axial and flexural strength of lightweight concrete panel reinforced with untreated bamboo describe as bamboocrete multi-purpose panel was investigated. Bamboo is a low cost, abundantly ready available and sustainable material used to carry load.  In this research, bamboo is used to reinforce lightweight concrete to form a load bearing panel. From the test conducted, design axial strength of the panel can be up to 100kN (10 ton). The 1500 mm length, 500 mm wide, and 125 mm thick, bamboocrete panel then were subjected to four-point bending and achieved ultimate bending strength of at least 25 kN. The bamboo used in the concrete panel greatly contributed to the bending strength of the panel. Upon removal of the load, the bamboocrete panel return to almost its original form, showing flexibility and ductility of the panel.


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Mohd Daud, N., Mohamad Nor, N., Yusof, M. A., Yahya, M. A., & Munikanan, V. (2018). Axial and Flexural Load Test on Untreated Bamboocrete Multi-Purpose Panel. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 10(2). Retrieved from



Special Issue 2018: Civil & Environmental Engineering