Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Cloud Environments by Using PROMETHEE Method


  • Shahram Jamali University of Mohaghegh Ardabili


Abstract: Efficient Scheduling of tasks in a cloud environment improves resources utilization thereby meeting users' requirements. One of the most important objectives of a scheduling algorithm in cloud environment is a balanced load distribution over various resources for enhancing the overall performance of the cloud. Such a scheduling is complex in nature due to the dynamicity of resources and incoming application specifications. In this paper, we employ PROMETHEE decision making model to design a scheduling algorithm, called PROMETHEE Load Balancing (PLB).This paper formulates the load balancing issue as a multi-criteria decision making problem and aims to achieve well-balanced load across virtual machines for maximizing the overall throughput of the cloud. Extensive simulation results in CloudSim environment show that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing algorithms in terms of load balancing index (LBI), VM load variation, makespan, average execution time and waiting time.


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