State-of-the-art in Comprehensive Cascade Control Approach through Monte-Carlo Based Representation


  • A.H. Mazinan


The research relies on the comprehensive cascade control approach to be developed in the area of spacecraft, as long as Monte-Carlo based representation is taken into real consideration with respect to state-of-the-art. It is obvious that the conventional methods do not have sufficient merit to be able to deal with such a process under control, constantly, provided that a number of system parameters variations are to be used in providing real situations. It is to note that the new insights in the area of the research’s topic are valuable to outperform a class of spacecrafts performance as the realizations of the acquired results are to be addressed in both real and academic environments. In a word, there are a combination of double closed loop based upon quaternion based control approach in connection with Euler based control approach to handle the three-axis rotational angles and its rates, synchronously, in association with pulse modulation analysis and control allocation, where the dynamics and kinematics of the present system under control are analyzed. A series of experiments are carried out to consider the approach performance in which the aforementioned Monte-Carlo based representation is to be realized in verifying the investigated outcomes.


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A.H. Mazinan

Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University (IAU), No. 209, North Iranshahr St., P.O. Box 11365/4435, Tehran, Iran.




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