Integrasi Etnik dalam Ideologi Pendidikan

Ethnic Integration in Educational Ideology


  • Nor Shela Saleh Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • norizan rameli Pusat Pengajian Umum dan Kokurikulum, UTHM
  • muhaymin hakim abdullah Pusat Pengajian Umum dan Kokurikulum, UTHM
  • riki rahman Pusat Pengajian Umum dan Kokurikulum, UTHM


Malaysian Education, Ethnic Relation, National Development, National Unity, Educated People


Abstract: Developments in the Malaysian education system have begun since colonial times to currently. Many change and paradigm shifts are seen especially in the context of content, context, teaching and learning in Malaysia. However, in the context of ethnic relations there are several challenges, directions and issues that occur due to tensions, misunderstandings and constraints that are inevitable. In addition, the government is constantly concerned and takes this seriously by establishing various plans and policy measures to develop the country's education system. The established educational policy is in line with the desire to develop a generation of intellectuals in the concept of holistic unity and holistic culture. This is because ethnic relations are not an obstacle to the idea of educational development, but it is a platform to empower the nation's education policy in the context of national unity, political stability and national development. History and chronology of the development of the national education system need to be deeply identified to foster the state's awareness and enthusiasm. Indirectly, the stigma and assumptions that become ethnic issues can be constrained and developed with a positive philosophy. The establishment of a separated practice to integration is one of the practical forms of ethical unity through good quality interaction and communication. Indirectly, it will form a group of socially educated people.


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Saleh, N. S., rameli, norizan, abdullah, muhaymin hakim, & rahman, riki. (2020). Integrasi Etnik dalam Ideologi Pendidikan: Ethnic Integration in Educational Ideology. Journal of Techno-Social, 11(2), 47–54. Retrieved from