Comparison of Wear and Friction of Different Types of Engine Oil

  • Kennedy Naikol
  • Bukhari Manshoor
Keywords: Wear, Friction, Four-ball Tribotester, Lubrication


Lubricants play a vital role in lubricating components in an internal combustion engine and help protect and extend engine life. The lubricant also helps reduce wear by creating a lubricating film between the moving parts. This research attempts to study different engine oil manufacturers' that have the same SAE viscosity grade and to compare the performance or output which discusses more anti-wear and anti-friction that help to protect metal-metal contact with the surface. In this study, commercial semi-synthetic lubrication oil (SAE 10W-40) from different manufacturers was investigated by using a four-ball wear tester machine in accordance with ASTM D 4172 standard. The temperature range of this experiment measure at three different temperatures (40℃, 70℃, 100℃) in 60 minutes time duration. Meanwhile, the velocity will vary from 1000 rpm to 2500 rpm. The expected result will be shown different results and a small wear scar diameter on the surface of the metal will be the best protection compared to other types of engine oil. After the experiment conducted, different performance of engine oil show, it show the different trends of the result even it has the same grade of engine oil. It can be concluded that the same grade of engine oil at different manufacturers does not produce the same output or performance of anti-wear and anti-friction.