Critical Study of Corrosion Damaged Concrete Structures

  • Sallehuddin Shah Ayop
  • John Cairns Heriot Watt University
Keywords: Corrosion, reinforced concrete


Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete is one of the major problems with respect to the durability of reinforced concrete structures. The degradation of the structure strength due to reinforcement corrosion decreases its design life. This paper presents the literature study on the influence of the corrosion on concrete structure starting from the mechanism of the corrosion until the deterioration stage and the structural effects of corrosion on concrete structures.


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Ayop, S. S., & Cairns, J. (2013). Critical Study of Corrosion Damaged Concrete Structures. International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 5(2). Retrieved from
Issue on Civil and Environmental Engineering

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